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Job Details for the Warehouse Manager, Produce Cold Storage Position

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Company Name:  
Job ID:  6745-PCC
Job Listing Information:
Job Title: Warehouse Manager, Produce Cold Storage
Reports To:
Industry Category: Distributor/Wholesaler
Job Function: Transportation/Warehousing/Inventory
Description: Job Summary:
The Warehouse Manager is responsible for managing the daily activities of a Fresh Produce cold storage facility, including labor scheduling, supervision, and proper utilization of space, equipment, and manpower.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Warehouse Operations
  • Safety Performance
  • KPI Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Housekeeping and Sanitation

    The Warehouse Manager position will manage staff members in the area of warehouse operations and customer service.

    This position is accountable for the safe, efficient and economical operation of the employees, facility and equipment.

    Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

    Operations: Provide input and manage programs to ensure the efficient and cost effective operation and utilization of the facility. Manage distribution services including receiving, storage, shipping, maintenance and administrative activities to ensure customer requirements are met in an efficient manner. Provide input on long range labor needs based on sales forecasts and direction from management.

    Layout: Implement a space utilization plan to meet prescribed cost and service standards. Monitor the space layout plan to ensure it continues to meet company standards.

    Labor Management: Along with the Director, develop, maintain, and manage a productive work team by implementing programs for hiring, training, and professional development. Apply sound communications and motivational techniques, work within programs to supervise, counsel and discipline subordinates.

    Equipment: Implement procedures to ensure the efficient operation and utilization of all warehouse equipment. Monitor the cleanliness and working condition of all material handling equipment and oversee adjustment or repairs as necessary.

    Safety: Implement and manage programs to ensure the safety of all personnel, equipment and property. Report all work related injuries to personnel immediately. Provide immediate medical attention to injured employees as necessary. Assure compliance with appropriate government regulations.

    Housekeeping: Manage programs to meet KPI’s related to the performance on the Primus annual food safety audit.

    Customer Service: Continually maintain a professional and courteous relationship with all customers. Audit operations to ensure service standards are being met. Establish customer service training programs for all front line personnel.

    Inventory Management: Ensure current and accurate inventory control for each account. Institute immediate corrective action in the event of an inventory discrepancy.

    Shipping and Receiving: Assure that customer orders are picked and shipped in a timely fashion within prescribed cost levels. Implement a receiving operation that minimizes cost and ensures receiving paperwork is processed accurately and promptly.

    Reporting: Ensure the accurate and timely preparation, processing, distribution and retention of all necessary reports and records regarding warehouse operations.

    Budgeting: Participate in the preparation of budgets.
Country: United States
State: TX
Region: Southwest
Compensation and Benefits:
Salary Range: Min:$45,000 Max:Open
Medical Plan: Yes
Dental Plan: Yes
Retirement Plan: No
401K: Yes
Car Allowance: No
Bonus: Yes
Commission: No
Relocation: TBD
Job Contact Information:
Title: Mr.
First Name: DJ
Last Name: Stornetta
Email Address:
Phone & Extension: 805-481-3200 ext. 13
Fax: 805-481-3545
Address: 122 LePoint Street
Suite 202
City: Arroyo Grande
State: California
ZIP: 93420
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